Saturday, 30 January 2016

Jetski and Kayaking

Hello everyone,
Three days ago I went kayaking and jetsking they were so fun with the jetski my dad went so fast and when we hit a big wave we would go up in the air and land back down the first time that happened I nearly lost my grip. Also we are in Penang but the jetski and kayaking was in  Pangkor we took the bus it took two hours. This is me on the jetski.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Hey guys, nothing much happening. I'm in Melacca. I took the bus from Kuala Lumper (KL) to Melacca, it was a two hour trip but the stuff I saw was amazing. Also the day before we went to FRIM (Forestry research Institute of Malaysia) the whole reason we went there was to go on the canope but it was closed because it was getting repaired. However, we rented four bikes. One could fit two people on it, one at the back and the other at the front. After the bikes we were all sweaty there was a place for kids to swim we were all so sweaty and tried so we had a little swim it cooled us down. The place we are staying at has two pool's and two slide's also mini golf, two table tennis tables, a gym, a tennis court and also a squash court I am playing my dad tomorw wish me luck because i've never played squash.

The bus from Melaca to Lumut

Apa Khabar (how you doing),Two days ago my family and I took a 6 hour bus trip from Melaca to Lumut it took 6 hours.  We left the hotel at 8:00 and got the 8:45 bus to Lumut when we got there we took a ferry to Pulaupangkor then a taxi to the west side we went around looking for hotels but they were all full except for one it had a swimming pool. I stayed up to watch the Liverpool Norwich game to the 75th minute and then I went to bed and dad turned off the tv. The next morning we had to check out and go and find a new hotel lucky for us the hotel next to us had a family room vacent. guess what in Melaca my mum and dad got money out of the ATM and there were to guys behind us witch was weird but last night my mum checked our acount and people had scamed us $7,700 in Aud but in  ringet it was 18,700 so we have to fax a letter saying we did not us that money. fingers crossed we get the money back.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Batu Caves

Selemat datang, welcome to another day of my blog. Two days ago (semalam) I went to the Batu Caves.  We took a monorail from Imbi station to KL Sentral then a train to Batu Caves, and walked to the caves. There were three caves and we went to the smallest one first.  Out the front of the ticket station there were some people cocking some Indian food and I got some pictures. It looked nice in the caves, there were waxed people or should I say Indian gods, some of them had men's bodies and monkey heads. There was a bit of the cave that went in and at the back there was the India god Genash.  Then after that cave we saw a temple that said no shoes because it's respectful to the gods. There were also so many monkeys running around trying to get food. After the temple I saw a coconut stall so I bought it, the coconut was great. My mum then bought some Indian lollies for my brothers. Dad put a 100rm bet on that they wouldn't like them but they did!  He still owes me the 100rm. Anyway, there was a massive stair case to one of the caves, Paddy didn't want to go up so I stayed with Paddy and mum. After a few minutes I started to walk up the stairs with Paddy and mum, it was really tiring and hot. The food we had for lunch was delicious, it was a thali which is a metal plate with three different curries. Yum.  After lunch we went to see a show, the dancing and singing was great. Then we got a train and monorail to the hotel. Oh yeah we've moved hotels. Bye!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Twin Towers And Little India

Hey seorang lelaki - which means 'guys' in Malay. Yesterday I went to the Petronas Twin Towers, it was great and we bought our tickets (tiket).  We took the lift to the 41st floor where the skybridge is. We took some pictures and could see pretty much all of Kuala Lumpar (KL).  Fact - the lift in the twin towers goes 5/6 meters per second, pretty cool!

After we took some pictures, we took the lift to level 86 which was 370 metres high. The tickets we purchased also allowed us to play some games on the TV screens.  I started watching this video that was called KL 24 hours, it was about what is happening pretty much everyday in KL.  After that I went to see a model of the Golden Triangle and then we went to this little pool (KLCC Gardens) where we swam under waterfalls.  Next we caught the monorail to Imbi station and then went to the hotel and relaxed and rested.   After a rest, we got back on the monorail to Kl sentral (central) and walked to Little India and eat some food.  People at the market were getting ready for Saturday because that's when they start the festival Pasar Malam (night market).  There were also cows sitting on the road and we got to pat them.  Fact -  cows are sacred in India.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

First Day In Kula Lumpar

Hey, we are now in Kuala Lumpar (KL). It was a long flight but we got there.  KL is beautiful and hot and we have a little room to ourselves.  It took a while to get to the hotel as we had to take a bus to KL central and then catch the monorail to Imbi station.  Once we got off the monorail we then had to ask people for directions but we finally found the hotel.  The hotel is fine.  Here's a picture of me on the plane and of our room.  We are right down the road from Chinatown and Jalan Alor which is a collection of roadside restaurants and stalls.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Four More Days

Four more days until we go tonight I go to Geelong with Nicholas to see Victory v Central Coast the house is clear and Rhianwen is driving us to the airport that's Deakin's mum.We are fling with AirAsia 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy new year, everyone I was in Bendigo for new years eve we were at the pool.About to come out when the fireworks went of it was amazing,  a week before we leave the house is so empty my brothers and I have to sweep and water the side of the house and then we can paint.Yeah heres a picture of the fireworks form the diving board and the pool in the background there is a bit of the slide.