Thursday, 18 February 2016

Goodbye Malaysia and Hello Thiland

So in the last couple of weeks we have left Malaysia and entered Thiland. For half of the time I didn't have internet. we are now back in Malaysia because Australian's only get two weeks in Thiand. Also tomorow is my days b'day we were in a hotel with a pool but it was so dirty and so we moved to the first place we were at because they are joined together. In Thiland we have been to Koh lipe, Koh taurotoa, pakbara and Koh bulone lah at koh bulone lah  I went on my first ever snorkling trip and had to jump off the boat. I saw a dead puffer fish and a lot of weird fish.


  1. Hi Miles, WOW! you went snorkelling! And you saw tropical fish. Anyway I wanted to tell you who the school leaders are. So:
    School captains
    Kyan and Emilia
    School vice captains
    Lola and Ahmed Y
    Junior school presidents
    Nini and Adam Z
    MEPA leaders
    Ayaan and Najma
    Red house
    Arjun Captain
    Jamie vice
    Green house
    Mikail Captain
    Eren vice
    Yellow house
    Imojen Captain
    Sebastian (Two new people) vice
    Blue house
    Noah Captain
    Ali H vice
    Tell me If i mist anything and say hello to a puffer fish for me okay! Have a good time in Thailand.

  2. Thanks noah and great job for getting blue house captain.also the puffer fish was dead ;( and good on Eren tell him that I sayed well done.