Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kellan,Amartya and waterbom

Well this start this blog off with Waterbom on the first week of my holidays we went to waterbom and out of everyone out of my family I did every ride I could so let me name the slides I could go on and then the ones I couldn't well there was the Boomarang, Superbowl,Twin Racer, Fast & Fierce,Pipeline, Smash Down 2.0 and the Twist & Turn there was only one ride I couldn't go on it was the climax there were places like a kids area,lazy river, normal pool, Flo Rider and a Sunbaking area. After waterbom I went to Jakarta to meet Kellan it was great meeting up with him the first day Kellan, my dad and I went down to were they play soccer and we played for a least an hour and that night we went to a sushi shop, the next day we went into the old town and had lunch and rode around on bikes, then the next day we went to another water park with Kellan and his family there was around about 8 sildes it was called GO WET!!!!!. In Jakarta there is so much traffic on saturday we had to drive 20 km which should of taken 5 minutes but it took an hour and thirty minutes. then we stayed with Amartya for three days we went to a temple, on a jeep up the most active volcano in the world Mt Marapi, went Borobabodur witch is the temple and swam in my mum and dad's swimming pool. It was a very exciting first three weeks and I still have two weeks on holiday so i will be keeping you up to date with a lot of stuff hint I will be meeting up with someone from Moreland primary school in bali, Sanur oh and I forgot to say something Happy Eid if I spelt it wrong please tell me.