Thursday, 24 March 2016

bye bye myamar and hello bali!!!!!

Ok I have something massive to say my mum has got a job in... DELLI!! in timor its very close to Australia. We have done so mush in Myamar   like see the temples in began and we also saw the sunset in began in yangon well there was nothing much to do, in Inle lake we went on a boat for seven hours and we saw the fisher man and we also saw the laideis with long necks and finally we saw how they grow there food like tomtos and other stuff like cigar making boat making.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hello Myamar

I'm now in Myamar and were just in Maesot in Thiland for one night then we walked over a brigde and then we were in Myamar. Last night I was walking along the street and then there was a masive group of people and they were playing music and there were two people with hooks in them. And that is all i've done in Myamar in one day .Kya Nosatday.